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Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick has said that the England national team needs a manager like Sir Alex Ferguson in order to achieve success. England have been devoid of success in winning the World Cup in 1966.

They have seen several managers come and go during this period. Carrick reckons that this constant changing of managers is probably the reason for England not achieving success at major tournaments. In recent decades, England have failed to progress past the quarter-final stage of a major tournament.

Carrick has been one of the influential players for United this season, which led to him being nominated in the PFA player of the year awards. He won the player of the year award amongst Manchester United players at the end of the season, which saw the claim their 20th Premier league title. Ferguson will be stepping down from Manchester United at the end of the season. He has been in charge of the club for 26 years, and this longevity has been responsible for bringing a lot of success to the club over the years according to Carrick.

The 31-year-old has said that he is already looking forward to working under David Moyes, who have been appointed as the successor for Sir Alex Ferguson.
“I think stability helps at any level of football, whether it is club or international.

Take David Moyes at Everton, look at what he has achieved being there for a long time. It breeds a comfort and everyone knows where they stand, you can get a bit of continuity. What’s done is done now. We’ve moved on from that already, looking towards these games and next season, you can’t look back for too long. You can enjoy it, we’ve enjoyed it, we’ve celebrated, but we’ve celebrated enough now and it’s time to move on,” said Carrick.