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David Moyes has said that he is totally comfortable with Sir Alex Ferguson’s presence among the spectators during the fixtures of Manchester United.

Sir Alex who was in charge at Manchester United until the last season has been seen as a spectator in most of the Manchester United games this season and there have been talks that his presence during the games might have been making Moyes a bit uncomfortable.

Some people have also said that Sir Alex is nothing, but, a burden on the club now and he should just keep himself aside.

Moyes didn’t look pleased at all when he was asked about these talks. Slamming the critics, he said, “The people who are making all these statements don’t have any idea about the personality of Sir Alex. He is a great guy and he supports me all the time. I talk to him quite often and even at the end of the matches, I visit him and have a few words.”

“It’s not only Sir Alex; all the other guys who are involved in the activities of the club have been backing me too.”

“But, some people have got this habit of finding wrong in every situation and that’s why, they are saying all these things. Sir Alex’s presence doesn’t make me uncomfortable at all.”

This year has been proving to be an absolute disaster for the Red Devils. They have played 3 games in the year and have suffered 3 defeats out of which two came against very weak teams like Swansea City and Sunderland.
The recent defeats have increased the pressure on Moyes. He is in desperate need of some wins.

The Red Devils will take on Swansea City in their next league game on the upcoming Saturday.