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Paul Parker believes that the club need at least three more players

Former Manchester United star Paul Parker believes that the club need at least three more players in order to start challenging for the Premier League title.

Parker, who managed to win two league titles during his time at United, says that the squad does not feel strong enough to last through the entire campaign even while competing in other competitions. Hence, he feels that the club should address weaknesses in areas like central defence, central midfield, and forward positions. Parker’s recommendation comes at a time when United have just splashed £ 150 million on four new players in the summer transfer window.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Paul Pogba, Eric Bailly, and Henrikh Mkhitaryan have joined the club for this vast sum of money. United have been spending on a similar scale for the last three summer transfer windows, but it is yet to help the club challenge for league titles once again. There have been promising signs so far in pre-season. José Mourinho has managed to bring all these new signings into one team and they have been looking promising. However, Parker feels that the squad will struggle when injuries and tiredness sets into play over the course of the campaign.

Compared to United’s squad, Parker says that Manchester City have an even stronger unit. “They still need a centre forward and a centre-half and another midfield player.Manchester United aren’t finished yet; they can’t be because that present squad just isn’t going to win the league and Mourinho is all about winning the league.Would you say United can even finish top four after what we saw in the Bournemouth game? I’d have to say not really. Liverpool look good and Arsenal will improve. Tottenham and Chelsea are hard to break down and will be in there,” said Parker after the opening weekend.