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UEFA Ready To Discuss Celtic’s Plan

Legendary Scottish soccer club Celtic is planning a foray into very lucrative English Premier League. It has been reported that UEFA is flexible for discussions with the club in their recent mission to finding an escape avenue out of Scot football.

UEFA’s nod into discussions with Celtic has been confirmed by Gianni Infantino, the general secretary.

Responding to erstwhile Celtic owner McCann’s opinion that the Scottish club now must be allowed to head south, Mr. Infantino shared that major discussions would be held regarding the potential of top notch mergers when the success of such program has been effectively evaluated.

The general secretary even indicated to the 3 year experiment presently occurring in female soccer where leading squads from Holland and Belgium play against one another in a new formed championship.

Celtic has been actively lobbying for a smooth entry to English Premier League for years now, but it hasn’t yet. Their current predicament is similar to a high-stakes hand.

McCann has stressed that they must be permitted a foray into a widened English setting which can triple their business wealth.

Infantino insisted that albeit they are presently maintaining opposition to the cross-border leagues yet they are also flexible to discuss regarding probability of Scotland’s elite clubs gaming in England.

“I do not know what future holds but discussions are on here (at Scotland) at present regarding independence. One side of the nation is eager for independence & the other plans to join up with England”, stated Infantino while asked about UEFA’s ready approval for discussions with Celtic on moving to English Premier League.

“There’s a test, an experiment, taking place in BeNe League of female soccer with Netherlands and Belgium. It has been going on since the last year & we would delve into it actively post the 2nd year. Discussions would be going on along with every stakeholder. Soccer is in continuous development & we are very much open for discussing everything.”