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Everton need Billionaire

Bill Kenwright Chairman of Everton Football Club has been featured in the Liverpool Echo this week.

“The truth is Everton do need a billionaire. Of course that`s a stock phrase, but we do need major investment.’ Bill Kenwright told the Echo.

The Echo has reported, although not quoted, that Kenwright told them that ‘three or four interested parties are circling around Everton’.

But with Kenwright’s experience of dealing with possible investors. He remains cautious, adding: “Am I hopeful? I`ve been hopeful before, and nothing`s come of anything. But I will find that investment. It doesn’t help that some investors have been playing football games with us – sometimes it feels like we’re taking part in one of the Penalty Shootout Games.

Moving on to the future and the search for a new stadium in the boundaries of the City, he said: “We continue to search for other sites, and we are looking at several Goodison redevelopment possibilities. But the problem, as always, is cost. It`s easier and cheaper to build a new stadium – but we continue to seriously consider the Goodison situation.’