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It has been revealed by a major English tabloid that both Scott Parker and Steven Gerrard are the favourites to get the captaincy from John Terry.

The English football Association removed John Terry from the captain’s post after the trial for the racial abuse case has been moved past the European Championships in the summer.

The English football Association has said that the captain’s job is something that involves a lot of stress and it is something that John Terry will not be able to handle at this moment in time. John Terry has been accused of racially abusing QPR defender and fellow England teammate Anton Ferdinand.

Rio Ferdinand was previously handed the captaincy during the first time when John Terry was removed of the captaincy. However, the Manchester United defender has removed himself out of contention for the first this time around, as it was once again given to John Terry after a few weeks of consultation.

As a result of it, Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard and Tottenham midfielder Scott Parker are the favourites for the first this time around. Steven Gerrard is the obvious choice due to his experience as the captain of Liverpool over the past decade, but the injury problems that has been plaguing him is a major cause of worry. I I was sticking a football bet online, I think I’d be backing Scott Parker, especially if current club coach Harry Redknapp takes over.

Scott Parker is a player who leads by example, but has limited captaincy experience. “It’s already been a fantastic season for us and it can still be an even more fantastic season for us. We’ve still got a long way to go and we need to stay strong and build on what we’ve done. But if you look at that point at Liverpool, given how many players we had out, that says everything,” Scott Parker said after the match against Liverpool on Monday.