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Louis van Gaal major Guidance to MU as Coack

One of Louis van Gaal’s latest accomplishments that he achieved as the head coach of Manchester United is that he managed to guide the team on their journey of securing 6 consecutive Premier League triumphs which is a huge accomplishment for a club that was struggling so much not too long ago.

However, even with this string of positive results, Louis van Gaal wants his team to perform better as there have been certain matches that Manchester United has claimed the victory but some of the players in the squad of the Dutch coach have not been playing at a high level and Louis van Gaal is hoping that this can change soon as he desires to see his entire squad playing at the same high level with nobody falling behind.

‘’I am not only focused on results. That’s the main importance but when I speak with Sir Alex he says: ‘Not any problem, you have won.’ But for me it’s also the performance that’s very important because when you perform you shall win more and that’s what I want to show to the fans and the players want to show that, and I think also that the guarantee of wins is much bigger when we perform better’’
“The game against Hull City was a good game (3-0 win in November). We dominated 90 minutes and I want to see more games like that. And now there are too few games that we are dominating 90 minutes and that’s a process.” Louis van Gaal told the media as he stated that the former Manchester United coach, Sir. Alex Ferguson puts more importance on results than performances but the Dutch coach is the opposite as he just wants to see his players performing well.