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It’s Harry Kane who is receiving most of the plaudits for Tottenham Hotspur’s current situation in the Premier League and the young man deserves that, but, the Spurs fans must not forget the influence of the manager Mauricio Pochettino.

The Argentinean has been the key man behind this turnaround at White Hart Lane.
There were rumours circling around at the start of his tenure that his training methods were not being particularly liked by some of the Tottenham players. But, that did not affect Pochettino. He knew what he was doing and which way he wanted the Spurs to play.

Pochettino has not shied away from making the hard decisions either. He has judged all the players on the basis of recent performances rather that the past stats and that’s why, the likes of Lennon and Paulinho are not the certain starters anymore for the London based club.

The thing which Pochettino has injected into the Spurs camp is the hunger. They have looked hungry to win no matter whom they are playing against. It would be a little unfair to say that the Tottenham teams of the past have not played with hunger, but, when hunger is added to guile, it forms a deadly combination and the current Spurs team seems to have that deadly combination in them, though sadly it has all gelled too late in the season for them to be in with a chance of winning any domestic silverwear – the latest FA Cup betting actually has their arch-rivals Arsenal as the favourites.

They have fought incredibly hard this season; the Spurs, There have not been too many games in which one can say they did not turn up. They might have lost a couple of games here and there, but, they have made their hardest effort every time.

Tottenham face West Ham this weekend and a win would make them go up to the fourth position in the Premier League table, ahead of the likes of Southampton.