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Bayern Munich boss Uli Hoeness says that Manchester United midfielder Schweinsteiger should ensure they bleed for the way he has been treated this season under Jose Mourinho.

Louis van Gaal signed the retired German international from the Bundesliga last term. His debut season was interrupted by fitness and poor form. The player’s showing at the Euro 2016 must have forced Mourinho to overlook the player, particularly with the additions during the summer.

After several attacks from German nationals, Mourinho included him in the squad that played West Ham at Old Trafford. However, a return to action might not be on the offer but a way of easing the player through a transfer when the window opens in January with many clubs already interested. The 32-year old has just a goal to his name after 31 games so far but he could still feature for a year or two in America.

“I would let them bleed until the last day and then day goodbye. I would play Golf every month, offer United my work and accompany Ana Ivanovic to Tennis matches. A club like that should be punished,” Hoeness said he would do if he were in Schweinsteiger’s position. The German executive implored Schweinsteiger to see of hiss contract with United whilst receiving his wages without any ‘work’ as punishment to the club.

There have been interests from MLS sides, and Brazilian club Santos have declared their interest in the player. Hoeness said the player would soon retire finally, so he advised that he sit put and collect his wages from United.

“From what I have heard, Basti is close to retiring from football,” he said before ending speculations about Schweinsteiger’s possible return for one more year before he retires.

“I do not think we would be doing him or ourselves a favour with a return to Bayern,” Hoeness added.


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