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It is like the story of a once respected and revered hunter – the kind you get to read of in folk tales – till he all of a sudden falls off the cliff of his elevated status and even becomes ridiculed for not able to catch a common mouse.

Old age or angry gods are common causes of such misfortune. Either way a living legend dies.

David Moyes might not be as old as our referenced elder nor can we say some resident Everton deities may be angry with him but a careful look at the timeline of the Glaswegian’s managing career offers a tempting urge to point out a pattern of fate between our dear Scot and hunter.

David is a manager who the words “hardworking and dedicated” must have been bestowed upon more than most football managers out there. His achievement at Everton where he stayed put for eleven solid years formed a strong foundation for such adulations.

Unfortunately for him, the credibility of those adjectives became more scrutinized and questioned the moment he put his signature on Manchester United’s appointment letter.

A lot of excuses were made on his behalf over his shortcomings at Stretford End but like in a similar manner too much need for approval mocks a narcissist, Moyes’ subsequent job, the stint with La Liga side Real Sociedad only served to weather down his once respected unsullied superman image while his current partnership with a relegation stamped Sunderland has completely turned a once steely Clark Kent into an ordinary image of a drowning man gasping for a once familiar air of respect.

In 2013, Sir Alex Ferguson personally anointed David as his successor, four years later, after picking up another black feather of shame; he sits on a one-way train to the second tier of English football.

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